How to increase instagram followers and likes free?

Have you ever searched for How to increase instagram followers?

You will often be told that download this app, download that app. But  followers don’t increase from them. Instead of increase followers, instagram blocks your account due to invalid activity.

In some cases you got followers but after few days those followers automatically dicreased in just few days.

So, today we are going to talk about how to increase real instagram followers from geniune way.

Before telling about which is the best way to increase instagram followers. let me tell you one more thing.
If your Instagram account will have good number of followers and good post’s like and comment numbers, then you can also earn money from instagram account.

How to increase instagram followers?

Now the tricks which I am going to tell  you about, is not any software or tool. These are the official tips of  Instagram by which real followers can be increased even i always follow these tips.

#Tip 1. Create your account with facebook.

If you haven’t signed up yet for Instagram account and you have a facebook account, then create an account from facebook.
This will mean that your facebook friends who are on instagram will know that you have created an Instagram account and it is possible that  they will start following you.

#Tip 2. Optimize your instagram account:

How to Increase instagram followers and likes freeBecause when someone opens your Instagram account, they first see Profile Picture and Bio. In such a way, it is very important to set your profile in a proper way, such as Profile picture, Instagram bio and  you must set the link of your website, channel or any other account you have.

#Tip3. Be regular on instagram.

Now the most important thing for you is that  stay regular and active on Instagram. To do a daily post on Instagram.

If you can’t post sometime, it’s not a big deal. But if you do not post for a long time then your account for Instagram will not be a concern and instagram will not make your post viral.
And you have to be very careful about which time to post. According to me, if you post on Instagram at 8 am and 5 pm, you can get maximum engagement and more likes and comments on the post.

You can use social media management tool for regular posting. Many software is available on playstore which is absolutely free and you don’t need to pay anything.
I have mentioned top 5 instagram account management tools. With the help of these apps you can schedule your post.





5.Social Pilot

#Tip4. Use Hashtag :

How Increase instagram followers and likes free

You must add Hashtag(#) to whatever you post, such as if your post is related to travelling use (#travelling), if your post is related to love use (#love). Means use hashtag (#) to your post whatever it is related to.
Whenever you use hashtag(#) with a word, that word becomes a keyword.
Use hashtag (#) related to many content so that your post can reach as many people as possible, when it reaches more people and if they likes your post, it is possible that people will visit your profile.
In this way the chance of increasing your instagram followers will be increased. It is the best way to increase instagram followers.

Note:- You have to be careful about using hashtag (#), Don’t put hashtags without meaning or unrelated to post otherwise your post will br treated as a spam post and the reach of your post will be decreased.

#Tip 5. Do likes and comments on others posts.

When you do likes and comments on someone’s post, instagram feels that both of you know each other and whenever you will post your post will also reach to that person then he will like your post and if he likes your post, it is possible that he will also follow you.

Note :You must follow those people whom you know personally.

#Tip 6. Upload photos of good quality.

The photo of every photo you upload should be very good and clear. Don’t use
too many filters and editing, it will reduce the quality of your photos.

#Tip 7. Local location

Whenever you post, you should mention the local location.

With this, Instagram sends your post  to all active users of that location and you will get good likes and highest chance to get followers. Because most people like to connect with the person in the location near them.

#Tip 8. Post photos with others.

The best and easy way to increase followers is to collab with other people
Mostly youtubers and singers use this method.
You have to collab with someone and upload a pic with them. The more followers of that person, the more benifit you will get.
Both of you take the photo together and you just post that photo on your instagram and tag that guy . Ask that guy to do tha same and ask to tag yourself. This will give you followers of that person and he will get followers of your’s.

#Tip 9. Choose trend and Viral topics.

If you can upload any post whose topic is in trend then it can increase your post reach. Because the things which are being viral on the internet are the most in search ,social media and search engine priority is first given to post related to such topics. In this situation if you post something related to viral and trending topics, then there is a high possibility of getting most real followers on your instagram account.

#Tip 11. Promote Instagram Account

If you are on facebook, snapchat, twitter  youtube or other social media, then  promote your instagram account on these platforms too.

#Tip 12. Post stories

The main advantage of putting stories is that your followers keep getting updates about you. your stories also go to those people who don’t follow you.
When you post stories, remember to use location and hashtag in it. Your story reach will increase. And the more the reach increases, the more your possibility of getting followers increases.

#Tip 13. Bonus tips

The tips which i gave you is geniune way to increase your real instagram followers count. If you follow them your followers will increase definitely.
Don’t use any auto follower or auto like tools, apps and sites. If you use these types of tools, then initially you will gain followers but it will decrease again  automatically with the time.
The reason behind this is that these are not real followers, they are bot IDs, they are just a coding script.
So it’s good for you that don’t use such tools and follow the tips which i gave you to increase the followers.

Whatever method has been told here, I use them personally. if you have any unique tricks, then please share in the comment.

If you like this post, then please share this post with your friends and families. if you want to ask me any question, you can ask in the comment box, I will definitely try to answer.

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